Unfortunately, there is sad news to report. CCJ suffered an unexpected and tragic loss when we learned that Mark Kubik had passed away on May 17, 2017. Mark worked at CCJ from 2003 to 2015. Most of those twelve years Mark served as our executive director.

Mark led CCJ through some turbulent financial years. His foresight and leadership helped CCJ continue to grow and provide quality services to the community despite these challenges. By the time of his departure CCJ had grown substantially and was on solid financial ground.

Under Mark’s leadership CCJ began implementing evidence based practices. He helped bring actuarial   risk assessment to the agency. He also promoted specialized caseloads embracing the correctional concept of responsivity. Interagency communication and networking increased during Mark’s tenure. Perhaps most importantly Mark was a firm believer that people could and would change.

While leadership, guidance, and effective management were the most important skills Mark brought to CCJ those of us that worked with him daily also remember his laugh, talent for pastry wall art, love for eating Chuckles and Ice Cream, misguided interest in Wombats, corny jokes and his passion for the Chicago Cubs.

Mark was a great leader, coworker and boss. Mostly though he was a great friend. All of us at CCJ miss him tremendously.

One thought to “Mark Kubik (1966-2017)”

  1. I’m very sorry to hear about the loss of Mark. He was a phenomenal probation officer who had a genuine care for his offenders . Mark was my probation officer around the time period of 2014-2015 before I was discharged due to violations which ended in a 30 day jail sentence. During the time period, I let outside influences control my life trajectory which led my life down a dark and winding path. It wasn’t until this past year or two, things started to click. I’m now a full time student and continue to put my past mistakes into the light.

    My last meeting with Mark, he gave me his business card and said, “Let me know if you ever need anything, I’ll always be here.” We always talked about the Chicago Cubs and Iowa Hawkeyes, a fan hood that brought a juvenile delinquent (at the time) and a Probation officer together. One day I planned to schedule a meeting with Mark, just to thank him and apologize for not being more accountable years ago. I’ve come to learn that some people are in your life to enable all the good roots and allow you to grow. Other’s are there to influence every bad root in your life and want you to remain stagnant.

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