CCJ provides a cost effective and results oriented community option for rehabilitating adult criminal offenders. Reducing criminal conduct has a widespread impact on the entire community. Fewer tax dollars are expended investigating and prosecuting offenders. Victimization is reduced.

  • In FY2021-2022, approximately 83% of CCJ’s probation clients successfully completed their probation supervision
  • In FY2021-2022, approximately 91% of CCJ’s clients that successfully completed their probation did not reoffend within the following year
  • In FY2021-2022, approximately 97% of clients reported having made a positive change in their lives based on their participation in probation supervision at CCJ.
  • Approximately 70% of all probation cases in Story County are handled by CCJ

In addition to the many measurable impacts in the community, CCJ also impacts taxpayers in a positive way. Most significantly, CCJ provides relief to the Iowa Department of Corrections. Below are a few comparisons:

  • $34,000 is the approximate cost per year to incarcerate a single individual in the Iowa prison system and is paid by taxpayers
  • Over 8,000 individuals are currently incarcerated within the Iowa prison system
  • About 50% of those individuals are incarcerated for non-violent crimes
  • $300-$575 is the cost per year of probation supervision and is paid by the individual probationer
  • Probation is approximately 1% the cost of incarceration

Our programming has a positive ripple effect in the community that goes beyond the individuals we serve. Clients who receive treatment and stay sober, who learn to manage their anger appropriately, obtain and maintain employment, take responsibility for their actions, manage their finances and pay back victims impact the entire community. They become better partners, parents, coworkers and community members.