CCJ is proud of the great work our staff does every day!  Here is our 2023 Impact Story shared with client permission from one of our previous clients:

“Upon walking into CCJ I was upset with myself for getting into this situation. I thought to myself no matter how I explain my actions it would not justify them. I knew what I had been doing was wrong but thought it was the only way to solve my problems.

CCJ blessed me with the opportunity to have a chance at rehabilitation without incarceration. I was unsure how bad of a hole I dug myself and was not ready to talk about it.

Cody and Cheri

My first meeting at CCJ was with Cheri Degroot. I had to explain why I was in trouble for selling drugs. Cheri was immensely understanding when I was explaining the reason behind my actions. Cheri and I quickly discovered my support system was insufficient and because of this I was spiraling out of control. I was going through a difficult time in my life without proper coping mechanisms. All the requirements set for me were small hurdles for what I really wanted from this. Sobriety and to be able to function normally while being independent. CCJ gave me the opportunity to take responsibility for my actions. We started setting goals. In the beginning it felt impossible. Like I wasn’t gonna get through this. Cheri helped me maintain sobriety while excelling my mental health at one of the hardest times in my life. Looking back, I’m proud of myself for putting extra effort towards this chapter in my life. I regret the mistakes everyday but without those mistakes there’s an abundance of lessons I would have missed out on. I’m learning to accept the past. Cheri opened up my perspective about goal setting and brought to light my shortcomings. Through this experience I have developed a better sense of direction. I’m beyond grateful for the people I have met. Learning healthier ways to live a good sober life. For those going through similar situations CCJ has helped me change my life tremendously in a growing amount of positive ways. Hope, faith, trust the process.

My life has changed so much since the beginning of this story. I relocated from Iowa to Florida. I was self-employed for 6 months during this time. I’m back to working. Everyday still offers new things to learn about myself along this journey. Knowing that I don’t have to socialize with everyone and saying no has been a superpower. I’m determined to continue growing and advancing my mental health. Having Cheri to support me during this time was crucial. Although the trouble I was in brought permanent damage CCJ has been one of the best experiences in my journey.”

~ Cody