summer 2022 interns

Introductions from our summer interns:


“My name is Casey and I’m a senior working towards a Criminal Justice Studies major and Sociology and Human Development and Family Services minors. I’m involved in the Criminal Justice National Honor Society as the philanthropy and fundraising chair for the Ames chapter. I like to spend my free time shopping, hiking, and traveling! I hope to continue my education in a graduate program and secure a career in criminal justice in my future.”


“I am currently a senior at Iowa State, double majoring in psychology and criminal justice. I have a passion for research, mental health, rehabilitation, and crime prevention through empirically based practices. Along with interning this Summer at CCJ, I work in a social cognition lab on campus that researches decision making during interrogations and how framing questions differently can yield varying levels of information from people being interviewed. I hope to finish undergrad in Spring 2023 and continue to get a master’s in general psychology and a PhD in either social psychology or counseling. I have several career aspirations in mind, including psychological research, teaching psychology at the college level, and opening my own mental health practice including clients who are on probation and parole. CCJ has opened many doors for me, and the teachings of the staff have provided valuable learning experiences that will, without a doubt, become a crucial part of whatever the future brings for me.”