The women and men of CCJ perform work that makes a critical difference in the safety of our communities. They provide supervision and treatment resources to help people, families, and communities address the issues and problems that drive problem behavior. CCJ employees have a deep commitment to helping adult offenders turn their lives around to live productively in society, while simultaneously making them accountable for their behavior. The commitment to help communities become safer is paramount to the profession.

Effective intervention is a proven way to prevent recurrence among offenders and keep communities safe.

We are about:

  • A force for positive change in the community
  • Raising hope
  • Lowering crime

How we deliver on our promise:

  • Monitoring behavior and activity
  • Enforce accountability with suitable rewards and sanctions
  • Fearless pursuit of helping people thurn their lives around
  • Maintain a strong cost to value proposition

How our promise yields benefits:

  • Probationers return to personal productivity and healthy families
  • Probation is 1% the cost of incarceration
  • Provides a better long-term solution for the nation’s justice system