CCJ makes measurable impacts in many areas of the community. Listed below is an outline of some of the measurable impacts that CCJ has accomplished:

  • Nearly 1700 low-risk and first time offenders were supervised by CCJ last year
  • 75% of all probation cases in Story County are handled by CCJ
  • 86% of CCJ’s clients successfully completed all requirements of probation in 2013
  • 87% of probation clients that have successfully completed their probation did not re-offend within the following year
  • The majority of CCJ probation clients receive a deferred judgement, which means that if they successfully complete probation their criminal record on that offense is expunged and cleared

In addition to the many measurable impacts in the community, CCJ also impacts taxpayers in a positive way. Most significantly, CCJ provides relief to the Iowa prison system. Below are a few comparisons:

  • $30,000 is the cost per year of the Iowa prison system and is paid by taxpayers
  • 8,800 men and women are currently incarcerated within the Iowa prison system
  • 80% of those men and women are incarcerated for non-violent crimes
  • Prison populations increased by 340% from 1980 to 2006
  • 10% reduction in state prison population in 2005 would have saved taxpayers $98.3 million
  • 50% reduction in state prison population would have saved taxpayers $3.3 billion
  • $300-$575 is the cost per year of probation and is paid by each individual probationer
  • Probation is approximately 1% the cost of incarceration

Probation Stats – 2014

Programming Stats – 2014