CCJ has been an integral part of the Ames Community since 1974. As you know The Center for Creative Justice (CCJ) is a community based, non-profit agency providing correctional supervision to adult criminal offenders placed on probation by the local judiciary. We supervise about 75% of the community members placed on probation in Story County.

Probation supervision is designed to allow offenders to remain in the community where they receive rehabilitative services and they are held accountable to keep the community safe from repeated criminal conduct. CCJ provides a cost effective and results oriented community option for working with adult criminal offenders. Reducing criminal conduct has a widespread impact on the community. Fewer tax dollars are expended on investigating and prosecuting offenders. Victimization is reduced. Our programming has a positive ripple effect in the community that goes beyond the individuals we provide services to. Clients who receive treatment and stay sober, who learn to manage their anger appropriately, obtain and maintain employment, take responsibility for their actions, manage their finances and pay back victims impact the entire community. They become better partners, parents, coworkers and community members.

As a community nonprofit organization, our funding is derived from several sources. First, clients are asked to contribute based on a sliding fee scale. We also receive funds through ASSET. In addition, CCJ solicits donations from community members to further help us meet budgetary needs.

Please consider donating to CCJ so that we may continue to provide vital services to our community. There are several ways you can help. Direct donations can be made to CCJ using the form below, by mail, or stopping in our office.  Donations to the CCJ Agency and Endowment Funds can be made through the Story County Community Foundation.  Donating ones time by volunteering ones time to working with CCJ is likewise always appreciated.


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