Monthly Archives: February 2017

CCJ Names New Executive Director

Hello. I would like to introduce myself as the new Executive Director at CCJ. My name is Craig Evans and I have worked at CCJ since May of 2010. I started as a part time probation officer after retiring from the Second Judicial District Department of Correctional Services. I worked at DCS for over thirty-three years before retiring. While with DCS I held several positions including probation/parole officer, Ames Area Office Supervisor and District Treatment Supervisor.

I am a strong believer in evidence based practices and hope my experience in community based corrections will prove helpful as I move forward as the Executive Director at CCJ. I am excited for the opportunity to continue serving the community and our clients here at CCJ.

CCJ Recidivism Rate Remains Low

CCJ reports the results of our most recent recidivism study. I am pleased to announce that our rate of non-recidivism remained at 93%. Of our clients that completed probation in 2014 93% did not reoffend with in the following twelve months. We remain very proud of this outcome. All of the CCJ staff work hard to assist our clients in obtaining the assistance they need to become and remain successful.

CCJ Adds New Board Members

CCJ is pleased to announce the addition of several people to our Board of Directors.

Michael Ralston-Mike is currently the President of the Iowa Association of Business and Industry.

Nathan Wise-Nathan is a custodial supervisor with the Department of Residence at ISU.

Monic Behnken-Currently Monic serves as an assistant professor in the Sociology Department at ISU.

Latifah Faisal-Latifah manages the Story County Delinquent Fines Recovery program for the Story County Attorney’s Office.

Please join our staff in welcoming these new Board members. We are very excited to add these individuals with their wide range of experience and expertise to the CCJ Board.

New Student Assistance

CCJ is pleased to offer internships and work study opportunities to interested ISU students. They get an opportunity to learn firsthand about community based corrections while providing needed work assistance to CCJ. This semester we have four ISU students assisting us:

Eric Baldwin
Joe Schnier
Alexxa Blair
Devon LaBat

They have proven to be fast learners and diligent workers. We all appreciate the assistance they provide.

If you are interested in an internship or work study opportunity at CCJ visit the CCJ Opportunities and contact Taylor Schram.